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Engineering, manufacturing and marketing of automatic log slitters and log winder for adhesive tapes, foam tapes, plastic films, cloth, non woven, paper, fiber reinforced tapes, roofing materials and similar materials.

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Logger Log winder Winding Machines Circular blades Circular saw-blades Toothed blades Bayonet knife Fully Automatic Converting Line Adhesive Tapes Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tapes (PSAT) Foam Tapes Protective Film Woven Non-Woven Masking Tape Fibre glass reinforced Tapes Copper foil Hot stamping foil Double side adhesive tapes Transfer Tape Nylon-PTFE Teflon Tapes Rubber Membranes Bituminous rolls Roofing materials Roof proofing materials

Welcome to Converting Machinery Cevenini site

Engineering, manufacturing and marketing of automatic log slitters and log winder for adhesive tapes, foam tapes, plastic films, cloth, non woven, paper, fiber reinforced tapes, roofing materials and similar materials.


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1939, the first step: pioneers in a specialist field.
In 1939 Oreste Cevenini, together with his daughters Carmen and Angela founded the company building a variety of machinery such as balancing machines, grinding machines, meat slicers and shapers. A few years later in 1944, with the energetic cooperation of Oreste's son, Giacomo, the Company started the manufacture of machine tools and industrial slicing machines. Further on in the fifties, the Company started to export its products to the North American market in conjunction with the Leach Machinery Company. During the 1960's, the Company became actively engaged with the major and most qualifed mechanical engineering companies achieving a long sequel of design and manufacturing successes.

Cevenini engineering.
Our engineering staff, made up of skilled specialists in the lathe slitting and log rewind machinery field, can be considered like a department of your company. They are always able to work in the planning stages with the wide flexibility offered by Cevenini technology. Every customer's specific requirements will receive a prompt answer and a cost effective solution will always be found.

Our technical staff always welcome customer in our plant to demonstrate our equipment available on the floor.

Customer Care Service.
Not just a service, it's a friendly voice ready to respond to all your requests and offer You advise when you need it.

Preventive Maintenance Service.
To maintain machine operation always at its best with higher durability and less breakdowns.

Staff Training.
We can train your staff that operate the machine at your location and at the end of the training we will provide to the trained operator a "Personal Training Certificate".


Today, the slitting art continues:
we not only manufacture machines, we supply solutions as well.
The ever increasing investment in research, design and technology developments always carried out from the company is the testimony of the great interest given to client requirements since the beginning of the Cevenini story in the worldwide industry. The firm attention given to quality together with the considerable production flexibility results in product reliability. This is Cevenini strong point wich satisfies the requirements of small as well as large users of Automatic Log Slitters and Rewinding Machines.

GL-NM5 Models: the economic answer of high quality!

E-NM5 Models: with full range of option to tailor each machine.

ED-NM5 Models: top of CMC technolgy.

F Models: if you need to cut with a saw blade.

Multi-Mandrel Models: double shaft and non-stop turret cycle for high performance and flexibility.

Log Winders: The solution to your winding problems.

Multi-Mandrel Fully Automatic Log Slitter: high production combined with flexibility.

Fully Automatic Converting Line.

Spare Parts
All types of spares even for out-dated machines. Benefits of both in-house manufacturing and spares department to give you "exact" parts in the shortest possible time.

Cevenini, more than just the traditional slitting system.
When Giacomo's son, Carlo, joined the Company in 1973, he concentrated on the design and manufacture of Log Slitters and Rewinding Machines and the result was the promotion and sales of these equipment on a worldwide scale. Today, CMC Cevenini is an higly specialised manufacturer of equipment for the converting industry, one of the leading Company in this field.

Log Slitter

Automatic Roll Slitter



Mandrel cutting sleeves
The rubber cutting sleeves offered from CMC to its clients are the result of many years spent on investing, researching and developing the most suitable solution to satisfy clients demand to obtain the best possible cutting result.

Circular blades
Today, CMC Cevenini, is able to offer its clients the best quality blades available on the market. Particular attention is dedicated to the quality control which is done twice on each blade before shipping it out of the CMC door to reach its final destination.

Saw cutting blades
After a long period dedicated to the research on the market of the best saw blades and after testing several types on Cevenini Log Slitting Machines, CMC is proud to include in its wide range of consumables different kind of saw blades too.

Contrast cutting strips
Protecting the mandrel and enabling the cleanest of cuts the plastic disposable strip provides the perfect tool for fixed mandrels and saw cutting mandrel operation.

Slitting lubricants
Both lubricants for blades have been developed and always improved from CMC Cevenini in order to offer our clients the right products to get the best cutting quality without compromising the cut materials adhesive.

Grinding wheels
The correct grinding of the blade is vital for the best slitting results. Ensuring the tip angle is correct and frequency of grinding is set at regular intervals will ensure the sharpness of the blade is maintained.

Safety Equipment